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Lotta Stensson I'm so excited for all the images!I finished the last line page at 7:30pm and then we RAN off to The Bowl and saw Ray Lamontagne which was dope!!!!Speaking of dope Dahlia, your shoots and amazing post work has made my line sheets finer than EVER!!!I love you for all this and you're the photographer in charge from here on out!You ROCK mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks a million to you and the crew!!!!!!!!!xoxo LottaYou know what I love the most about all of this>>>>the images are an ENTIRE vision weather she is on the beach or on the "other side of the track"! :)Its the same girl...and it feels like my life a lot! It really show's the "Lifestyle" which is the most important to me.I love how the models embody every woman and different ages!!!NYC>>>to>>>LA>>>whoot whoot!!!!:)I love your eye, I love the vision Dahlia.Imaging what we will create in the future if we keep this work up!Thanks once more! xoxo LottaThis is what Im making a million of for buyers! :)So much fun with your gourge images, Thanks again Dahlia!!!!

"Our pictures came out amazing! Dahlia has a real gift for framing shots and capturing our little one's expressions. We couldn't stop looking at the pictures!" - Vanessa Karubian

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